Ecoveneer doors



Ecoveneer coating is a decorative facing material, which has the effect of natural wood and applied by circular wrapping. The coating is made of eco-friendly materials that corresponding to the European standards and totally harmless for surrounding. The 3D coating is much thicker than other similar coatings, which gives it additional resistance to damage and loss of color.

The difference from veneer and other advantages of the material:

- color stability in different batches;

- durable and wear-resistant;

- moisture-proof;

- environmentally friendly;

- resistant to UV radiation: do not change the color under direct sunlight.




Constraction: 2 stiles with a section of 40x110 mm and cross connection elements of different sections (a side-bars) made of pine massif and MDF. Each model has the top and bottom rail with a section of 34x110 mm.

Benefits of the series:

The manufacturing technology of the side-bar protects the doors from changes in geometric options during exploitation. It based on the combination of softwood bars and stabilizing MDF board of the highest ecological class.

High accuracy of the equipment allows achieving elegant lines of joints and differentials in the manufacture.

Angular joints are fixed with dowels and screws, covering with anti-corrosion coating.

Prefabricated construction: instead of replacement the entire door this construction allows replacing only the worn out parts with lightness and economy.

Glazing options:

LACOMAT - matte translucent glass, covered with a special polish. The thickness of the glass is 4 mm.


- resistant to scratches;

- doesn't leave fingerprints;

- resistanе to corrosive substances.

LAKOBEL - decorative colored glass.

Among the advantages are:

- light-proof;

- does not fade;

- moisture-proof;

- environmentally friendly.

TRIPLEX is a laminated safety glass glued together by a special polymer film. When breaking, it remains unbroken, i.e. the glass fragments are kept by the film. Thickness 8mm.

This glass is used in models where the biggest part of the door is glazed (for example: DOMINIKA 200). This kind of glass is available in black and white colors.

Standart dimentions:

height - 2000 mm;

width - 600, 700, 800, 900 mm;

thickness - 40 mm.

The doors of the DOMINIKA series can be glazed, blank and combined. Depending on the model chosen there are door panels and glass 4mm or 8mm thick.

Decorative elements: door panels with thickness of 10mm, 16mm and 25mm, made of MDF. The door panels or glass are divided by cross elements with the section of 34x110mm or 25x70mm.

Depending on the model the number of door panels can be different. There are combined models with the presence of glasses and door panels at the same time.


Dark Nut,

Gray Oak,

White Larch,

Cream Larch,

White Ash,

Golden Nut,

Smoky Oak,

Vela Nut.

The “Telescope” molding is more suitable to the doors of DOMINIKA series. The jamb “Telescope” with a seal and grooves for the architrave “Telescope” and the extension jamb coated with ecoveneer allow closing the doorway with the help of hidden connections and giving it a complete and neat appearance.

Dominika Lite, Dominika Low Lite, design series do not differ from the main series, however there are differences in the materials used.


Dominika Lite

dominika lite

In this series chipboard is used instead of MDF.


Dominika Low Lite

dominika low lite

The most beneficial offers are in this series!

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